You've gotta love Pinball - and if you don't, well then you should try it.
There was a time when these heavy heaps of shit existed in most pubs and bars in the UK. Now it seems no-one gives a crap, so most places got rid. As a result, Williams (the main manufacturer of Pinball Machines in the world) decided to stop making them in 1999 and now they've become a rather forgotten piece of history, and it certainly makes them collectable for anyone who likes the idea of owning one. As well as being an engineering masterpiece, they're great fun to play, and even better when you're not paying to do so...
My first machine was a 1986 "PinBot" which I bought around 1999. After buying, restoring, and selling a few old relics I bought my first modern machine - a '93 Indiana Jones in 2000. Having crammed as many as I can into a spare room, it's unfortunatley got to stop. 5 is already too many!

OK, so it's been a while since I bought anything stupid, and since Christmas is just around the corner I figured it was about time.
I've added a '93 Whitewater to the collection, luckily I've found a place for it in Birmingham since there's no room left with the others! It's fantastic fun and ranked No.10 in the world. A definate keeper.
It came straight off site so is in good working order, just needs a little cleaning.

Well, it's that time of year again... I've just bought a new machine ready for Christmas, "The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot". I've added some pictures below.
Condition-wise it's in great shape, bit of cabinet fading and a few parts of the playfield mylar are lifting, but compared to others I've seen it's really quite good. This was probably the first machine I remember watching people play - there was once one of these in an amusement arcade in Pagham, near Bognor Regis, on the south coast. The gameplay is very addictive - you have to lock balls into the her head, first in the mouth, then the eyes. The head spins around to reveal the eye sockets and her eventuly a completed face, which will trigger the Machine's metamorphasis into a human. The sound and music are amazing, so much different from any other machine you'd think they used different hardware in the backbox!
This is the second in a trio of machines, the first being PinBot which was actually the first machine I owned. Unfortunatly I had to sell No Fear to make room for this one, but it's a very worthy replacement.
When I get around to stripping it down for cleaning I might choose to remove the mylar, either replace it with some new miracle mylar, or use a clear-coat epoxy like the modern "Diamond Plate"D playfield protection.

Current collection (year of manufacture):

Indiana Jones (1993)
Twilight Zone (1993)
Addams Family (1992)
Flintstones (1994)
Whitewater (1993)
The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot (1991)

Previously owned:

Ski Jump (1978)
PinBot (1986) x 2
Robocop (1990)
Fire! (1987)
Soccer Kings (1982)
No Fear (1995)
Black Rose (1991)


Flintstones, Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Indiana Jones

Whitewater being tested out by some crew at Aston Students' Guild, before being transporting home

Whitewater playfield

No Fear


The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot


Playing Whitewater

Playing "The Machine"





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