Aye up...

You've stumbled upon a collection of pages, mostly outlining projects I've been involved in for work or things i've just played about with.
If you're even remotley technical natured, some of it may be of interest.

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10th December 2008

  • I've added another Pinball machine to the collection... what was I thinking!? Picture added.

11th June 2008

  • Biopod software now fully functional - added the required init routine to aes3400cap.c

19th August 2007

  • Arcade controls updated - MAME controls have been modified to work directly with JAMMA hardware. New pictures added.

11th March 2007

  • JAMMA page update. Progress on Moonwalker and Mortal Kombat 2 added.

7th February 2007

  • Updated JAMMA projects page. Sunset Riders PCB now working. Pictures added.

29th December 2006

  • Added page on the Biopod fingerprint reader from APC, and how to interface to the AES3400 sensor using Linux.